Friday, May 4, 2012

Make Comics with UK Disney Comic Creator

Here's another wonderful place where kids can have fun while creating and practising literacy skills. The UK Disney Comic Creator, once loaded, offers a range of templates with varying layouts of between one and six panels. Choose a background, choose characters, props, speech bubbles. Add text and special effects and you're on the way to telling a story with images and words. I think the UK Disney Comic Creator will appeal to kids who know the characters (I'm sure I recognised Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia!)

The controls seemed a bit touchy. Re-sizing the background for instance meant I took a while to make it behave. That could be frustrating for younger kids. It's why I chose a white background instead. Each of the elements is editable, with corner handles etc. The speech balloons are editable too. Because of time constraints, I chose a one x one panel layout. But as I said before, kids can have multiple panels, plus they can add extra pages to their work. Once done, you can print, or save your comic as a pdf file to your desktop.

There are a couple of other activities under the Create heading at Disney UK - eg Paintbrush is a great little art editor, with lots of stamps and colourful effects for kids to play with. You can also link to many games.

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And trust me, there are still more posts in the pipeline. So many online resources that encourage kids to play with writing!

Lest you think I'm a tad obsessed with websites where kids can create comics, (I am!) I've written about lots more resources that promote children's literacy, literature and learning. Use the buttons in my right sidebar to find hundreds of treasures!

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