Monday, May 7, 2012

Review, Orijinz

One of my Christmas presents two years ago was the word game Orijinz. (Why do so many manufacturers and websites feel impelled to misspell words? Should I change the blog name to Da BuKChuK?) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to tell you about Orijinz, which I really like.

Orijinz is aimed more at adults and teens than under-12s. If you have teens who like word play, I think they'll enjoy it. I know my family and friends do.

Basically, Orijinz involves one person reading aloud the origin of a word or phrase, and the others must guess the way we use it now. So for instance, I might read aloud:

"Guess the Phrase. Origin: Before the era of electric light, lighthouses and theatres burned a mineral to create a strong spotlight effect." If nobody makes a correct response, I give them a little more help by reading:

"Definition: A focus of public attention." People can call out answers and then usually someone clever works out that the phrase is "In the limelight".

I think Entspire have done a good job with this game. Yes, it tends to be US-centric. But with the world's exposure to US culture via TV and movies, that's not such a huge problem. I like that even if you don't know the origin of a word, and very often you don't, you can make an intelligent guess. And the product itself is a sturdy box of good quality cards that can be purchased online, and is small enough to pop into a backpack or flight bag.

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