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Tips for Kids Who Write – Guest Post

Here are valuable tips and a fun writing activity from Australian author, Dee White. Dee is a former journalist and advertising copywriter. She is the author of books for children and young adults, a qualified writing teacher and avid blogger.

I have wanted to be a writer since I was seven years old and now that I am one, it's the only job I can imagine doing.

If you want to be a writer too, here are some TIPS to help you meet your goal:

1. Write a lot - It's true that practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you’ll become.

2. Read a lot - I learn so much from reading books and thinking about how other authors write. How do they start their stories, how do they develop their characters, how do they come up with a compelling ending?

3. Send off your work for publication and enter writing competitions

4. Put together a folio of all your writing - This will help you get into writing courses and help you get more work published. It shows you are committed to being a writer.

5. Carry a notebook - Record your brilliant writing ideas wherever you are. You might have a phone or an iPod you can use for this purpose too.

6. Check your work for spelling and typing mistakes before you send it out - You don't have to be the 'best speller in the world', to become a writer but when you send your work out it should be free of spelling mistakes so make sure you get a good speller to read your writing before you post it.

7. Don't enter competitions that charge a large entry fee or send your writing to publishers who want you to pay to have your work published - If your work is good enough to be published then it is good enough for you not to have to pay.


Do you ever get stuck for a story idea? Me too. Here's a fun writing activity you can do at home.

You use the last line in a book or story as the inspiration for a new story.

What To Do

1. Pick up a book or story you haven't read before and turn to the last page.

2. Use the last line of the last page to start your story.


I have used the last line of Paul Jenning's story, Unseen.

I gave a laugh. "Well," I said. "Let's just say that he should have thrown a cane toad into the Land Rover before he climbed into it."

Use this line to start a new story. Here's what to do. Ask yourself
• Who?
• What?
• When?
• Where?
• Why?
• How?

Here's what I mean.

• Who is "I" in the story?
• What is this character laughing about? What has just happened to make him/her laugh? What is in the Land Rover?
• When and Where does this story take place? Where is the Land Rover going?
• Why should 'he' have thrown a cane toad into the Land Rover before he climbed in?
• How is he going to escape from the Land Rover?

You can use the answers to these questions to write a completely new story.

3. Ask yourself, Who, What, When, Where, Why and How about the line from the last page of the book or story you have picked.

4. Use the information you get from answering these questions to start your new story.

For more tips, writing activities, online writing classes and FREE competitions, check out Dee's Writing Classes for Kids blog or follow her on twitter @KidsWhoWrite

Dee also runs a writing blog at DeeScribe Writing. She is currently developing a series of e-books on writing that will soon be available from her sites.

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  1. Love this, Dee! So great to learn new ways to encourage children to write. And for the record, I was also 7 when I first knew I wanted to be a writer! xx


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