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Great Book Apps for Kids – Guest Post

BIO: Emma Perry is a Melbourne dwelling book lover. An English teacher in a former life, she can now be found nestled in My Book Corner enthusiastically sharing her passion for literature: 

"My Book Corner will spark your interests with book and book app reviews on an entire assortment of children's literature, ranging from the fun and quirky to the simply inspirational and unforgettable. We only review the very best. Author interviews, Book Launches and Events, Book Awards and frequent competitions are just some of the features you will find nestled in our web pages, alongside live price comparison for every book. Enjoy!" 

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Great Book Apps for Kids
by Emma Perry

There’s no ignoring the flood of book apps on to the market at the moment. As with all technology it’s a matter of how you use it. Book Apps used alongside the real thing (because let’s face it you just can’t replace the look, smell and feel of a true paper book) can truly enhance our reading experience.

I love some of the truly great Book Apps that are emerging. Full of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ they are accelerating our reading experience towards an exciting new level. Whether they encourage the love of new story lines or seeing an old favourite from a new perspective, the best apps allow kids to delve into the story, look around and admire it from a fresh, exhilarating perspective. With the majority of Book Apps having the option of ‘Read to Myself’ or ‘Read to Me’, they also become a great option for long car journeys with kids.

Here are some truly inspiring Children’s Book Apps I’ve discovered recently:

Now if you want to start young, then for the very little ones I'd recommend Nighty Night which is beautifully simple, cute and great for bedtime. The simplicity means that little minds won’t be overloaded, as the focus is clear and straightforward. (An added bonus is that it switches off at the end, albeit briefly.)

For ages 4+ there are some awesome choices. Cinderella and Three Little Pigs from Nosy Crow are incredibly interactive and inventive whilst maintaining the magic of the original story lines. There is sooo much in each of these that you’ll be discovering new things each time. They've won heaps of awards and it's clear to see why. Both apps really exploit the technology this new medium has to offer – use the microphone to help blow down the pig’s houses, and take a closer peak at those mirrors in Cinderella ... don’t forget to smile!!

Nick Bland’s The Very Cranky Bear is a great one too with some lovely features including an 'extra' game of finding the hidden playing cards. Nick’s heavy involvement with the creation of both this and most recently, The Wrong Book, have ensured that they continue to meet his aims, “Far from replacing the book, I see the e-book as a separate and dynamic accompaniment, a travelling showcase of yours and your children’s favourites. As a learning tool, its benefits are endless.”

For older children, (and indeed adults) The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is absolutely stunning and truly demonstrates what this new medium can achieve. Initially it's worth sitting down to watch and absorb the beautiful story unfold in front of your eyes, then, start again and discover all the great interactive elements which allow you to delve even deeper into Morris’ world. This book app is based on the short film which won an Oscar this year. Anyone with any doubts as to what a Book App can truly offer will be well advised to use this one as a starting point ... it’s made for book lovers.


  1. Thanks for having me Book Chook!

  2. @Emma @ My Book Corner Thank YOU! Just had a tweet from @nosycrow, appreciating the mention. I am keen to discover great e-books for myself now I am iPadded!

  3. Great book app recommendations! I love book apps! One of my absolute favourites is Maid Marian Muffins (by Jamie and Jessica Van Der Salm). It's a simple ebook with no animations but the story is so funny and the narrator is brilliant. It makes you smile every time you hear it.

  4. @Nina Limthanks for sharing your recommendation! I know bells and whistles can add some fun to an e-book, but for me it will be story that grabs me every time.

  5. You should check out - they have so many great apps for kids!


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