Friday, August 3, 2012

The Funny Times Cartoon Playground

The Funny Times Cartoon Playground is another webspace where you and your kids can make cartoons. Making cartoons with your kids is a great way to sneak a little writing into their lives, and cartoon editors help them develop digital literacy skills.

The default setting at The Funny Times Playground presents you with a three-frame template, but you can add and remove frames via the far right icons in the toolbar under the frames. Choose characters, or bodies and heads, objects, scenery, and speech bubbles according to the tabs above the frames. You can use the sliding bar under characters etc to scroll through more choices. There are also text formatting choices, and you can send objects forward, back and flip too.

Many of the characters are recognisable stereotypes or political figures, so The Funny Times Cartoon Playground might make an interesting form of expression for kids who need to make a political comment or find an alternative to a book report, say.

The cartoon elements are in black and white only, but there are a reasonable number of choices. There's also a gallery of submitted cartoons, many of which are not suitable for kids. As always, parental or teacher guidance is recommended.

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