Friday, September 7, 2012

Let's Celebrate Father's Day with Books!

Fathers are wonderful people. Books are wonderful too. To me, celebrating Father's Day with books and reading makes the day even more special. In Australia, Father's Day is the first Sunday in September, so here are some Book Chook ideas for celebrating with Dad.

Schedule a reading picnic into your day. Share some of the kids' favourite books with a read-aloud session. Later, as a special treat, Dad gets to lie down under a shady tree and read whatever he wants. Sublime!

Choosing gifts for Father's Day can be tricky. After all, how many pairs of socks can a man wear? Brainwave: Hone in on Dad's special interest, then buy a book instead:

If Dad is a martial arts enthusiast, buy a set of the Samurai Kids books. These are active and fun, a real treat for Dad to read aloud as a serial for the whole family.

If Dad likes star gazing, buy him I Spy Dad, a lovely picture book to share with little ones.

If Dad is a keen fisherman, he probably has a million bait boxes and rods. So buy him There Was an Old Sailor, a great picture book I'll bet he will get a kick out of reading aloud to the kids.

There you have it, folks, forget socks and BBQ aprons this year. Buy Dad a book to read to your kids. Socks lose themselves in the washing machine and BBQ aprons get singed, but the gift of reading lasts forever.

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