Friday, September 28, 2012

Looking Back to September 2011

Towards the end of each month in 2011, I revisited some articles I'd written in 2009 and 2010. Not only did that mean new readers of the blog might find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminded me of content I could refer to when I wrote new articles.

And here it is September 2012! Let's look back to some popular posts from last September. Don't forget you can use the right sidebar to find earlier posts, too. Click Creating, Learning, Reviews, Reading, Writing and Celebrating to explore those themes, or try the Blog Archive to browse by months.

Book Resources for Parents - Guest Post : Author Tania McCartney list some great resources to help kids get the most out of books.

Fun Word Games for Kids : How to catch a polar bear. Okay, it's really about word games for kids.

Help! My Kid's Just Not Into Reading! : Some Book Chook ideas that might help.

Let's Celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day: Some resources to help you get ready for September 19 next year!

Preschool Learning - The Play School Website : One of my favourite Australian TV shows has a great online presence.

Children's Literacy - Magazines : What magazines do your kids read?

Delve even further into the past with Looking Back to September Past.

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