Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Celebrate Mad Hatter Day

Are you a Lewis Carroll fan? Are your kids? My reactions are mixed. I have always cared for his poetry, and I especially love the way Jabberwocky encourages us to play with words and sounds. However the charm of the Alice in Wonderland story has always eluded me.

Still, Mad Hatter Day just begs to be celebrated. The day apparently began when some computer programmers noticed that the original Mad Hatter image sported a sign in his hat, "In the style 10/6". October 6 subsequently became a day for celebrating silliness. Something The Book Chook could never pass by!

So here are some suggestions for helping kids celebrate Mad Hatter Day on October 6:

*designate five minutes or longer (if you dare) for speaking only in gibberish, or rhyme, or pig latin

*wear your clothes in a different way

*take some photos of your friends and add silly stickers with an online image editor like Pizap

*set a table for a Mad Hatter Tea Party

*bake a Mad Hat, or some other kind of crazy cake

*make a wacky shelter for you and your friends

*invent the silliest sandwich you can possibly think of

*write about the day your hat caused a problem in your life

*draw some cartoon animals and give them silly hats

*throw a make-a-silly-hat party

*have a Mad Hatter parade at the end of the party so everyone can show off their creations

*find a book about hats and read it

*draw a hat shape and fill it with interesting patterns

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Image Credits:

(top) Book Chook at Pizap

(lower) Jesse Wilcox Smith's Alice in Wonderland from Wikimedia Commons

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