Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Children's Book Review, Eddie Pipper

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Eddie Pipper was written by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Emma Stuart and published by New Frontier as part of the Little Rockets series. The series is "fast-paced junior fiction for 7+ readers" in the form of short chapter books with occasional coloured illustrations.

Eddie Pipper loves his penguin. He is not a real penguin. He is not allowed one of those. 

Eddie has to make do with his special paper-maiche penguin. But what do the other kids 

think of his penguin when he brings him to school for show and tell?

All of us kids, big and little, would love a penguin. Maybe we'd even try to turn our sisters into one, or make one from papier-mâché! Hopefully though, none of us would have Eddie Pipper's woeful memory. Eddie's heart is in the right place and his misadventures will give rise to lots of laughter as well as rueful sympathy and fellow-feeling. I've reviewed most of Brian's books, and have great admiration for this prolific Australian author. She has a real knack for knowing what kids want to read.

Stewart's coloured illustrations contribute to the fun. They're cartoon in style and kids will enjoy them.

Eddie Pipper would make an excellent choice for a library resource box on Animals, Pets or Antarctica. Eddie, the hero, is 9, but I think older, less independent readers will also appreciate the large font, less-threatening style and sheer readability of this book.

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