Friday, November 2, 2012

Get Creative at Muzy

Muzy says it's a new kind of blog for our creative side. It's chock full of apps that enable us to edit images. Kids will have fun here, and learn lots too.

Muzy (pronounced "Mew-zee") is a new kind of blog for creative and visual people, where you can post, enhance, create, and share photos, thoughts, drawings, animations, collages, and all kinds of creative stuff. Your Muzy is a customizable blog to post text, art, videos, photos, and more that comes with easy apps for photo effects, text, collaging, drawing, captioning, and more.

Whatever you want to do, from posting last night's party photos, to writing a rant about bad pizza, to making a crazy warped picture of your friend, to drawing the next great American artwork, you can do it on Muzy! It's your world in words and images.

(from MUZY's FAQ.)

The first feature to come up when you link to Muzy is Photobox, where you can arrange photos into collages, with many different templates available. There are also tabs at top right for photo collage, versus and photo pile. But under the almost hidden "more" at the end of the top right tabs you'll find a wealth of other apps. There are many apps that enable users to add text to a background or image, like "Thoughts", above.

Personally, I wanted to use Muzy as an image editor, not as a blog platform. Problem. You can only post to Twitter, FB or Muzy itself. But if the option of taking a screen grab is okay with you (this obviously won't work for a moving image), then Muzy has a ton of fun editors for your kids to play with. It's ideal for illustrating quotes, something I discussed in Use Images to Start Kids Thinking.

Muzy might be a good place for the whole family to share their adventures, thoughts and fun. Creating an online family journal is a great way to supervise kids' time online, and teach them lots about technology and digital etiquette almost incidentally while you do.

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