Friday, November 30, 2012

Looking Back to November 2011

Towards the end of each month in 2011, I revisited some articles I'd written in 2009 and 2010. Not only did that mean new readers of the blog might find something useful otherwise buried in the archives, but it also reminded me of content I could refer to when I wrote new articles.

And here it is November 2012! Let's look back to some popular posts from last November. Don't forget you can use the right sidebar to find earlier posts, too. Click Creating, Learning, Reviews, Reading, Writing and Celebrating to explore those themes, or try the Blog Archive to browse by months.

Play with Words and Images at Picnik *** Picnik isn't there anymore, But it's been reincarnated at Ribbet, so I'm including the post here.

Telling Stories with Words and Pictures - Guest Post

Book Chook Favourites - Playing with Words and Pictures

The Importance of Strong Female Leads in Kid's Literature - Guest Post

Find Picture Books on Youtube

We know how important it is for our kids to become skilled writers, but what can we actually do to help them get there? How to Encourage Kids to Write

Part of the Creative Prompt Series, this one is Creative Prompt - The Burning House.

Christmas is close! Check out: Ideas for Children's Christmas Gifts

Looking Back to November 2009, 2010

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