Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Children's Book Review, Lost and Found

Here's a book review from children's literature lover and teacher, Sue Stirling.

Lost and Found was written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers, and published by HarperCollins (2005.)

I'm always amazed by the talent of authors who illustrate their own stories. This is how the author of Lost and Found, Oliver Jeffers, describes his work: ‘I think of myself as an artist who uses words in their art, I try to say that I make picture books, instead of writing and illustrating them, as I believe it is truer to the process of how they are created.’ (From Jeffers' website FAQ/Further Info - a download.)

The children’s picture book, Lost and Found, is a tender story of a boy and a penguin. The soft hues of the water-coloured illustrations enhance the story’s warm and gentle text. As the adventure unfolds you start to feel for the boy and the penguin who struggle to convey their feelings about each other. The boy assumes the penguin is lost and attempts to find every imaginable way to return the penguin to his home. The penguin on the other hand is simply searching for a friend. The ending is quite endearing!

The trailer for the book gives you a brief taste, below.

I read this story repeatedly to a group of Kindergarten children in 2012 and it became a favourite. The movie version of Lost and Found is lovely too.  I played it over and over, as the soothing rich voice of the narrator and the gentle music helped to create a soporific effect.

Lost and Found sparked the children’s interest in aspects of water and ice and we decided to make large blocks of ice and place them in a big tray. The children then created little penguins with black, orange and white play dough. They squealed with delight as they helped their penguins scoot down the ice! As the penguins became wet and soggy they played with a second penguin they had made, sliding them down large pieces of white foam.

Oliver Jeffers' stories are ones that appeal to younger children, primary aged children and adults alike. They carry rich text for children and subtle messages for the more discerning reader.

Bio: Since finishing her degree Sue Stirling has worked in many schools in the metro area of Perth. Since mid year 2012 she has been teaching Kindergarten, a huge learning curve for a newbie teacher. Getting to know the parents and children in the class, planning, assessment and surviving the fast pace of school life has been great. Sue counts it a blessing to watch the children blossom, invent, create and to listen to their theories on life. She also enjoys writing her blog, and writing book reviews for The Book Chook. Reviews: Handa's Surprise, The Perfect Pet.


  1. What a gorgeous find. Thank you for sharing this and the trailer.

  2. @Susan Hutchison Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it on to Sue Stirling. "Susan" is one of my favourite names! :-)


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