Monday, February 18, 2013

Tell Stories with Animation at make it share it

Tell Stories with Animation at make it share it
by Susan Stephenson,

You can create both drawings and animations at make it share it. It has a great colour palette. Sadly, there is no fill tool, but there's a good range of brush sizes and the interface is simple. The animation tool is truly easy to use. I'd go so far as to say it's fool-proof since I worked it out first go! Basically, it's a matter of drawing a frame, then adding a new one and repeating the process until done.

You can see my test animation, Rough Flight, at the website. I tried to embed it here, but Blogger said the code was broken.

Adult supervision is, as always, advised, because other users may save inappropriate content. The Terms of Use make it clear the website has no liability for harmful content, but does encourage users not to put up vulgar content. Once done, you can email, get an embed code and a url. If you register, your creations can be saved too.

Kids who love to draw will enjoy make it share it. Animating repeated drawings to tell a digital story is a great way to involve kids in story who are not yet confident writers. Children will develop visual literacy skills and be involved in developing a story, expressing themselves, planning, problem-solving, innovating, and concentrating. I hope you'll visit the website with your kids and together have a go at something new!


  1. Hey, Susan! It's great to see that your blog is as colorful and vibrant as ever! I've referred some folks to your site via my workshops, and always hear nice things about it. I like the tech ideas you're sharing, as teachers are always looking for coll things like these to try in their classrooms.

  2. @Keith Schoch So nice to hear from you! I was thrilled to read your new novel posts recently, Keith.

    Thanks so much for the referrals - I am still getting (and very much appreciating!) traffic from


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