Monday, March 25, 2013

Tell Stories with Bubblr

Tell Stories with Bubblr
by Susan Stephenson,

I wrote about Bookr, one of Pimpampum's editors, in Have Fun and Develop Literacy Skills with Bookr. I mentioned Bubblr, another of their toys based on Flickr, briefly in Fast and Fun Writing with Kids. Today I'd like to tell you in more detail about Bubblr.

Bubblr is a great place for kids to find images that match their subject matter of choice, and add their own created text in the form of speech bubbles or captions. Bubblr uses Flickr to source images from. The editor works well, quickly grabbing images according to tags (e.g. dinosaur, truck etc) or a user name at Flickr. The latter means people with Flickr accounts can upload their images of choice to Flickr first, then search for them via the User search box at Bubblr (at left screen.)

Adding extra frames/pages is via the + under Add frames. Adding bubbles or a caption box is a simple drag and drop via Add bubbles. When done, hit the big pink PUBLISH!

Once published you can email a link to your creation, get an embed code or link via Blog this (blue writing, bottom of your screen) or use Recycle to edit or change your Bubblr. I've embedded my sample Dinosaurs book below, and here's the direct link on Bubblr.


Bubblr is very similar to Bookr. It's a great place for kids to create a non-fiction or fiction text with the support of images. 

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  1. Thanks, this sounds like a super fun resource for story telling!

  2. @KatherineIt IS! Nice and simple for younger kids to manage too.


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