Monday, April 15, 2013

Three iPad Apps that Encourage Creativity

Three iPad Apps that Encourage Creativity 

by Susan Stephenson,

Today I want to tell you about three iPad apps that I believe have the potential to encourage kids to think creatively. Using these apps, kids could tell a story, record a favourite joke or practise writing dialogue between characters.

Comic Book

Comic Book is quite a versatile comic editor. it allows you to choose a photo from your camera roll, or take one with the camera. Once you choose the template you want, adding a picture is a simple tap. The image can then be customised by adding speech bubbles and text, adding an effect (I added the effect called Sketch in my comic above), and adding stickers. Some stickers come built in, but you can make in-app purchases of more stickers for around $0.99 each set. I think kids will particularly enjoy the bling, but they'll also use the app to create digital stories.

Once done, the comic can be saved to your iPad as a jpg, exported to iBooks as a pdf or emailed. It's a big file size and I don't see any way to reduce the file before you email.

Strip Designer

I reviewed Strip Designer earlier. I particularly liked the function it offers us of creating our own stickers and presenting information visually.

See Strip Designer used by kids in 3/4C at The Junction to demonstrate onomatopoeia. Here's a wonderful lesson plan and examples from the same teacher/class that show how multiple apps, including Strip Designer, work towards children's understanding of the concept of "story".

Comic Puppets Lite

Comic Puppets Lite is optimised for iPhone but works on iPad. There is very little for kids to use in the free version, and most elements needs to be purchased. But there is enough that you can get an idea of whether you want to buy it. I must admit, I love this about many "lite" apps - you get to try a less fully-featured version to make sure it's what you really want. Comic Puppets Lite is simple to use, and works well. It's basically a matter of choosing "puppets"/characters, and arranging them in a background, then adding speech bubbles and text. There's also an android version available via Google Play.

Your kids might like Comic Puppets Lite as a way to play with words and images. It's not yet one of my favourite apps but then I haven't gone on to the full/paid version. I think it would be particularly useful for teachers and parents who want their kids to develop dialogues between the puppet characters.

And one more!

I already own Comic Life as a Mac application, so I haven't purchased it for my iPad ($4.99). But I LOVE Comic Life and must mention it as an iPad app here even though I haven't tested it. Find out more about it on iTunes.

Other iPad apps I've recommended at The Book Chook:
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