Monday, May 13, 2013

Create Stories at Storyboard That

Create Stories at Storyboard That

by Susan Stephenson,

Storyboard That offers an online place for kids to create digital stories. Its main purpose is as a visual aid for communicators e.g. in the business area, but it would also make a useful place for kids to storyboard short videos or plan other projects. Telling digital stories that include speech bubbles is an excellent way to sneak some writing into kids' play. Younger kids will just have fun expressing themselves visually with a range of characters and other elements.

To start: choose between 3 or 6 cells (frames). Once you've decided, Storyboard That is similar to most comic editors, offering you backgrounds (scenes), characters, speech bubbles (textables) and wireframes (screens and widgets.)

There's a good variety of characters - select adults, youngins, silhouettes, funky and animals. Drag any element to a cell, and then you can edit it via a pop-up menu.

You need to create an account to save your work. With the free plan, you can save up to three storyboards a day. A storyboard can be embedded into a blog, emailed, and exported into PowerPoint. The PPT option is not much use unless you upgrade from the free account, as it's hugely watermarked by the site. I did embed the Storyboard I made, but it was much too wide for my blog, and I couldn't see how to alter the width in the html. So what you see above is a screen grab.

There are also a couple of useful pages with tips, FAQ, and lesson plans.

If you're interested in digital storytelling with kids, you might like to download my free PDF, Using Comic Editors with Kids.


  1. Anonymous14 May, 2013

    Oh my gosh! Kids at work will love this, thanks!

  2. Susan - This is Aaron from Storyboard That - Just wanted to say thank you for the review. We do offer educational editions of Storyboard That at a fraction of the cost we charge businesses.

  3. Susan

    This is Aaron (Creator of Storyboard That) and wanted to thank you for your review. I also wanted to let you (and your readers know) we offer an educational edition of Storyboard That at a fraction of the cost we charge corporations. -Thanks


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