Friday, May 17, 2013

Let's Prepare Our Kids for the Future

Let's Prepare Our Kids for the Future 
by Susan Stephenson

Regular readers of The Book Chook will have picked up by now that I believe strongly in the importance of play as the way kids learn best. When children start school, I think we should maintain this attitude of learning through play as much as possible. It seems a no-brainer to me that kids learn best when enjoying themselves, and when they're engaged in thinking creatively and critically about their learning.

Recently, I watched a video that suggested education is NOT preparing kids for their lives in the future. Kids may be learning to pass multiple choice tests, but are they acquiring the skills they will need to adapt, create, design, hypothesize, and innovate in their future jobs? Many jobs in the future haven't been invented yet, so all we know is that children will need to think divergently, not colour in the bubbles of a test paper.

I hope you'll take the 12 minutes to watch this TEDxCreativeCoast video below. Maybe we can't all have website designers in the classroom to guide our kids. But I believe we can include design tasks in our curriculum and creative thinking skills in our lessons that empower our young people and give them respect as our fellow learners.

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  1. Anonymous18 May, 2013

    I'm not sure about other primary schools but the one my child is attending has a very proactive, and innovative learning program entitled discovery learning. It's inspiring, and also allows children to choose to explore through play. It's tapping into their own creativity (we're talking preppies, year ones and twos) to explore areas they're interested in, and also explore the curriculum areas.....Not bad for an underfunded country primary school....

    And I know that the other years work in teams upon projects, it is a vibrant and active learning experience. The children want to participate, and learn.

  2. How wonderful to hear of the discovery learning your son does at school! When kids can explore through play, and go on to explore subjects and skills that interest them, they truly take control of their own learning. And that's a joyous thing worth celebrating! Thanks for sharing it with us.


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