Friday, May 24, 2013

Make a Video with Kids at Pixorial

Making movies with kids is a wonderful learning activity. Children get to develop communication skills, think creatively and critically, and express themselves via digital media. I value any opportunities for kids to develop digital literacy skills in a natural way, under the guidance of a parent. Making movies meshes well with modern family life, and gives parents and kids the chance to share a creative project.

Pixorial is a web-based video editor I explored recently that lets you upload, edit and share videos. The interface is very clear and simple, and the free account allows you 7GB of storage (about 150 videos.) Pixorial support is truly outstanding, making it an excellent place for parents to teach kids how to use a video editor.

Here's Pixorial's summary of what you can do there.

"The “Add Video” menu at the top of the screen is where you can upload video, film with a webcam, or send us vintage media to convert.

You can organize your videos on the left-hand side of the screen: find all of your videos under “All Videos,” or put them into folders using the “Add Folder” button.

“Create Movie” leads you to our quick and easy video editor where you can combine and edit video, add text, transitions, music and more.

The “Edit” button allows you to trim, split, or rotate a single video clip.

The “Actions” menu allows you to share your video via social networks, blogs and websites, create a DVD or send a videocard."

One function I like with Pixorial is that Movie Creator allows you to combine photos to make a short movie, as well as the usual titles, transitions etc. Even if kids don't have access to a video camera, they can combine pictures to tell a digital story here, by uploading photos and adding text blocks in between the way I did in my sample, embedded below. (Here's the direct link.) Users have access to Pixorial's library of music tracks as backgrounds. There's a special PDF support document designed for students that explains the basics very well. Pixorial makes it easy to email a finished video, embed it, or share it to Youtube and other social media sites.

At Pixorial, kids could upload their own drawings or art work, photos they've taken at school excursions or family holidays, or, of course, video or video clips. They could create a simple narrative, a poem or explanatory captions to go with their pics.

Video: Dreaming

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