Friday, May 31, 2013

More Dice Games for Kids

More Dice Games for Kids
by Susan Stephenson,

Don't you love the portability of dice? They're handy to pack in your handbag or the car glove box for impromptu games. In the classroom, they're an inexpensive tool often useful in maths lessons. Previously, I described some of my favourite dice games in Three Dice Games Your Kids Will Love. I also gave the details of a game I invented involving online dice and a creative prompt in My (Almost) Interactive Prompt for Children's Writing.

Today I'd like to share some more uses for dice and dice games.

Car Racing

Young kids enjoy games that involve toy cars. Draw up a simple board with a road around the edge and divide your road up into segments. Number the segments according to the numbers you want to practise. Kids compete against each other by rolling the dice and advancing those spaces until the first crosses the line. Introduce a little more difficulty by asking kids to think ahead and predict their new space before they count it out. Add reading practice by including chance cards where kids go back or forwards or miss a turn. Tailor-make this game to involve prancing unicorns or LEGO minifigs instead of cars. Older kids will enjoy making a special board for a younger sibling.

Link Maths with English

Have kids create their own board for a dice game that they invent. A great way to start is to brainstorm games they know that involve dice, then look closely at some sample games. Once finished, they could write the procedure to explain it to others, or record themselves via audio/video explaining and demonstrating the game.

Dice can be taken outside! Can kids think of a way to include dice in a new version of an outdoor game? Hopscotch and dice? Use dice to choose who's in?

Link Dice with Spelling

Here's a dice spelling game I call Wordle-O. Have children in pairs. Partner A rolls the dice. Partner B must respond with help according to the list below, so that A guesses which word on the list B is thinking of:

1. What's an antonym (opposite) of the word?
2. What's a synonym (similar word) of the word?
3. How many letters are in the word?
4. Give one vowel that's in the word.
5. Give one consonant that's in the word.
6. Give a definition of the word.

As soon as A thinks he knows the word, he writes it down. If spelled correctly, it's Partner B's turn to roll dice and get a clue.

Virtual Dice

When your kids want to play dice games but your cat ate the dice, don't forget virtual dice. You can roll in Space, use Curriculum Bits dice to roll single, double, triple and positive/negative numbers and roll up to six dice at Virtual Dice - great for Mathematics practice!

Virtual Alphabet Dice

If you'd like to introduce your students to word play, try this IWB tool from Teacher Led, Letter Dice. It will also work on your computer. Press Roll, and you'll get 16 new letters of the alphabet. Kids could use any letters to create words, or you can make up rules e.g. only adjacent letters.

Art Dice

I love the idea of having children create art by using the art dice created by Tinkerlab  

Storytelling Dice

Check out the storytelling dice or cubes created by Maggy Woodley in my post, Sixteen Sensational Storytelling Ideas.

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