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Creative iPad Apps for Kids, Word Mover and Trading Cards

Creative iPad Apps for Kids, Word Mover and Trading Cards
by Susan Stephenson,

I am really impressed with the ReadWriteThink iPad apps. For a start, they're excellent. Next, they're FREE. And finally, they're educational. Not just educational, but my favourite kind of educational - encouraging kids to create and share content!

Word Mover

Word Mover allows children and teens to create “found poetry” by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text.

As soon as I read about it, I downloaded Word Mover to my iPad. 30 seconds later I was creating my first poem. It's really that simple. While the concept of magnet words to build poems is not new, I LOVE that with Word Mover you can type in your own words too. Is it just me or are most magnet poetry word banks missing that one perfect word you need? Not a problem with Word Mover. There are also nice backgrounds to choose from. You can save to your camera roll, and share via email and social media. I think it's suitable for kids in primary school onwards. The only thing that would improve it, for me, is the ability to use an image from the camera roll as a background.

Word Mover is more versatile than just creating poetry, wonderful though that idea is! It makes an engaging way to create sentences, play rhyming games or focus on vocabulary in games and activities. Parents could type in a sentence beginning and have kids choose a word that makes sense from the word bank to finish it. Sometimes young kids can read, but writing is a problem for them - Word Mover enables children to choose words to play with, without having to type/write them. Because Word Mover can be saved to the camera roll, kids could use it to store word collections - like their favourite words, or favourite book titles etc. The ReadWriteThink website has lots of great lessons you can use with kids that involve Word Mover (scroll down).

Check out the video below to see Word Mover in action.

Trading Cards I told you about the Trading Card app in Activities for Children's Book Week 2013. It's certainly another very useful free iPad app. Kids love to collect trading cards. This app encourages them to create their own!

 Invigorate students' writing with an interactive tool that allows them to demonstrate their comprehension using a mobile app.

I love that children can create cards that mesh with lessons - cards for fictional characters, famous people, places they're studying in Geography, events, even objects or words. They could also create cards about their interests - perhaps a collection of LEGO creations, or Transformers?

Cards are created by following a kind of wizard, with questions that help kids hone in on key information. Images can be added to cards from the camera or the iPad's photo library. Again, cards can be saved and shared via email, and there are lesson plans at ReadWriteThink showing parents and teachers how to get the most from this resource.

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  1. The word mover sounds great - I want to check it for the kids (and me!)

    1. I agree, Kriss - lots of the creative apps I find are not only great for kids, but for adults too. If you don't know it already, check out Haiku Deck. Here's my review:

  2. Thanks so much for highlighting the apps from! We appreciate your comments and feedback.

    Lisa Fink, Project Manager, ReadWriteThink

  3. My kids have started collecting MLB cards. We’ve been using Qollector for the iPad for their collection. They enjoy taking pictures and noting where they discovered the card. I’ve started using it to introduce the concept of stats and math.


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