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Children's App Review, ZoLO

Children's App Review, ZoLO
by SuSAn StePheNson,

When you're choosing apps for an iPad your child has access to, I believe it's important to choose a quality app, and one you can justify because it encourages kids to create, learn, or develop skills. Apps make great babysitters for those times we're without a book and need to occupy children for a few moments. But a quality app does more than just occupy, it encourages kids to think, ponder, create and dream.

ZoLO•ooLo (or ZoLO for short) appealed to me instantly because of its attractive graphic design elements. ZoLO makes it simple for children to choose from a range of elements to create something new. The individual pieces are quirky, not too definitive, but suggest eyes, tails, bodies and other shapes. The colours and patterns are just delightful.

From the site:
Enter the realm of improbable possibility. Illogical inventiveness. Deliberate spontaneity. ZoLO•ooLo™ lets you become the creator, so you're free to express what's inside!

Start with the captivating palette of colorful and quirky ZoLO•ooLo shapes. Pick, mix, rotate, resize or reshift them. It doesn’t matter what your age or ability level is—you are creative in your own unique way. Explore, create, and play!

ZoLO•ooLo™ is open-ended fun designed to inspire creativity — and it's also beneficial to your development of visual language and problem solving skills.

After you make a ZoLO•ooLo creation that you love, send it to your friends and see what they think. Start a dialogue! Express yourself.
Once kids have created some Z'Arts, they might like to use them to inspire a story, or ask a friend to fill in a caption or speech bubble that creation prompts. Sharing is by email, Twitter and Facebook. However it's a shame you can't save what you create to the iPad's camera roll. To get my image you see above, I was emailed a link to the ZoLO website and there took a screen grab of what I'd made. I hope the developers will consider allowing images to be saved to the iPad's camera roll, so kids can use them in further creations. There is much more potential for real creativity that way.

ZoLO began back in 1986 as a "55-piece, hand-carved, hand-painted wooden ZoLO playsculpture set …distributed exclusively by the The Museum of Modern Art, New York." I'd love to have seen and touched the wooden set, but I'm glad kids like me have the chance to try it in digital format.

Discover more via the video embedded below.

ZoLO is $1.99 from iTunes and is on Facebook.

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  1. Sounds fun but agree that you need to be able to save as my kids always love saving any images they make.

    1. I like that too. Plus, I often want to create content using multiple apps.


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