Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Children's Book Review, No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Children's Book Review

No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom is a children's picture book created by Sue Hendra and published by Simon and Schuster (2013).

Bernard the Robot loses his bottom on the park swing, and sets off to find it. Every time he gets close, it disappears again! Bird was using it as a nest, but it was too heavy; Bear used it in his drum kit, but it was too tinny; the Squirrels built sandcastles with it...and now it looks as if they're sailing away in it. Will Bernard EVER get his bottom back?

How clever of Hendra to put 'bottom' into the title of a children's picture book! I predict children who are not fluent readers will be able to decode 'bottom' in a second and grab it off the library or bookstore shelf. Luckily, parents and teachers can rest easy that there is nothing in the story's content to be worried about.

The illustrations are perfect for the under-five set: large, clear and brightly coloured. Kids will enjoy looking for Bernard the No-Bot's bottom throughout the tale. They'll be encouraged to look for shapes in their environment too, and rejoice with Bernard and his friends when that elusive bottom is found.

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  1. No Bot is my favorite children's book at the moment. It's funny and cute and kids love it. I have recommended this book to everyone.


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