Friday, September 27, 2013

Play with Words and Pictures - iPad App, Visual Poet

Play with Words and Pictures - iPad App, Visual Poet 

by Susan Stephenson,

The iPad is a great device for sneaking some creativity and self-expression into kids' lives. I have a list of some apps I like for encouraging creativity at my website. Here's another one: Visual Poet.

From iTunes: Visual Poet is an application for creating visual poetry. With Visual Poet, the user can combine imagery and text to author compelling mixed media works of art and publish them to the internet.

The visual poems are in the form of three vertical panels. Kids can choose from their own photo library, Flickr, Google image search etc to source images. Double tapping a panel means text can be quickly and easily added. Once a visual poem has been created, it can be polished, posted to Tumblr and emailed as a png file. You can see examples of users' visual poems on Tumblr.

At this stage, there is no option to save work you create to the camera roll, but at least it can be emailed. You can see a sample "poem" at left that I created with images I grabbed from my iPad's camera roll.

I love how simple Visual Poet is. I love that it's free at the time of writing this review (July 2013). I think it's an excellent choice for parents, teachers and librarians who are keen to have kids play with words and images or experiment with ways of communicating their feelings or a chosen message. Visual Poet would make a good app for publishing haiku in particular, but I could also see kids using it to promote something they feel passionate about, to tell a three-panel digital story or even to share a short visual joke with friends.

Visual Poet on iTunes.

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