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Children's Story App, Nott Won't Sleep

Children's Story App, Nott Won't Sleep

by Susan Stephenson,

Nott Won't Sleep is an interactive bedtime story for the iPad.

From the developers, Developlay:

Lovable Nott doesn’t want to go to bed; there is so much more to explore! This interactive story starts when Nott is not in the least inclined to go to sleep and it ends when she is totally at peace to close her eyes.

But first she says goodbye to the moon, wishes her animal friends goodnight, takes her favorite cuddly toy Nox to bed and turns the lights off; All with the help of your toddler or preschooler.

Nott won’t sleep is a great bedtime ritual and will help your little one prepare for bedtime.

Nott won’t sleep is not the average app; a lot of love is put into details. The intuitive app is extensively tested together with parents and toddlers. The storyline is written by internationally acclaimed literary novelist Renate Dorrestein. A lot of detail went into the aesthetics of the game and talented game studio Monobanda showed craftsmanship in the realization of the game. Soothing bedtime music made by Claynote complements the experience.

What I liked: I have to admit, it was the artwork that attracted me first to this story app. It's cartoonish, yet gentle and playful. So many apps I look at have garish images, but this app's illustrations are lovely. I admit too I was dubious about an app for bedtime. In my experience, apps tend to wake toddlers up! But while I think a bedtime story read aloud from a print book is the best thing to share with a child at bedtime, I can see that Nott Won't Sleep is a great app to nudge little ones towards an awareness that after certain activities, it's time for sleep. Kids are implicitly invited to help Nott get ready for sleep. She finds her favourite bedtime toy, Nox, she interacts with little animals, all of whom fall asleep, she explores the moon. All these adventures are accompanied by soothing ambient-style music and the interactivity is not boisterous - gentle taps on the screen cause equally gentle happenings.

Do check out the Nott Won't Sleep website, where you can find more information about the app, including lots of the artwork. The amount of work put into the app makes for interesting reading, especially their panel of young "experts". Or watch the trailer, embedded below.

iTunes: $Au5.49 (But $2.99 for the whole of October!)

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