Monday, November 25, 2013

Children's iPad App, SparkleFish

Children's iPad App, SparkleFish

by Susan Stephenson,

As you know, I love apps that encourage creativity. Last week, I told you about Shake-a-Phrase. Today I'd like to tell you about SparkleFish, another iPad app that might lead kids to have fun with words and even start their own stories.

From the developers:

* Record your voice to complete each story
* Comes with 5 stories for free
* Save your recordings and listen to them later
* Buy "story packs" (each with 5 stories) for more fun!
* Record the stories as many times as you'd like.
* Great for Teachers, SLPs, and Occupational Therapists
* Also great for people who just like being silly

What I like: Most kids enjoy the goofiness of mad libs. SparkleFish puts a digital spin on this family and classroom favourite. I like the incidental music - relaxing and unobtrusive. The app works well, and is very simple, with clear directions on what to do. Basically, Sparklefish provides a template, asking children to record the missing words. They do this by putting a finger on the screen microphone while they say something. When done, kids can listen to the story they've made. The results will make kids laugh for sure.

I also like that SparkleFish provides several free templates, with other available for purchase if you choose. While I wish there were some way to save the stories kids make other than as audio recordings, they will certainly enjoy taking some of the zany situations they create to use as prompts for writing and drawing.

Get more of an idea about SparkleFish in the video embedded below.

iTunes: Currently free with in-app purchases available.

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