Monday, November 11, 2013

Children's Story App, My Mum's the Best

Children's Story App, My Mum's the Best

by Susan Stephenson,

As a card-carrying member of the Bruce Whatley fan club, I was excited to discover My Mum's the Best, a story app for iPad.

From the developers:


-Age-appropriate story for 2+
-Humorous story that will have your child coming back for more
-High quality music and sound that won’t drive you crazy
-Beautiful artwork by an award-winning illustrator
-Professional reading with write on text
-Intuitive navigation
-Simple page turning icons which only appear once animation ends so that children can focus on the story
-Index page option so you can easily go to your favourite animal
-Animation and sound on all pages of the story
-Young fingers can touch anywhere on the Ipad screen to trigger animations
-No in-app purchases

What I liked: I loved the interactivity of this app. It's well-suited to the story, not dominating or distracting from the text, but enhancing it. Navigation is easy. The narrator is Australian and does a great job. But the stand-out features are Whatley's beautiful artwork, and the simple, fun story written by Rosie Smith. The app developers, too, have a sense of humour kids will giggle over - the text on the page about a young bat going to sleep is written upside down.

If you're looking for a lovely story with a little interactivity to share with your under fives, check out My Mum's the Best!

Itunes: Currently $Au 4.99

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