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Children's iPad Song App, Little Fox Music Box

Children's iPad Song App, Little Fox Music Box
by Susan Stephenson,

If you're looking for a wonderful techy gift for younger kids, can I suggest the iPad app, Little Fox Music Box - Kids songs – Sing along? It's creative, educational, and above all, fun. An added bonus is that children can read along with the lyrics while they play.

From the developers:

A sing-along songbook with more than 100 interactive elements in 3 songs and the little fox music studio where you can record your own songs! Brought to you by the team that created the bestselling App “Nighty Night”! Great for kids between 2 and 6 years old.

1. 3 popular children’s songs: London Bridge, Evening Song , Old Mac Donald had a farm
2. Stunning designs by Oscar-nominated artist Heidi Wittlinger
3. Play your own music and record your songs with the little fox in his tree house sound studio
4. Explore more than 100 interactive elements and sounds
5. Karaoke mode

Wittlinger is a lovely illustrator and the interactivity is truly plentiful and so cute. It's the sort of interactivity that enhances the app, and will keep kids engaged for a long time. Tap on people in London Bridge and see all sorts of action - the guy paddling by in a bathtub suddenly guns it into a speed boat, an old lady in a wheelchair nudges a fellow into turning his body into a gap-filler for London Bridge so she can trundle across. In Old MacDonald, there's a fox in sheep's clothing for kids to giggle over, three silly chicks, a daisy-eating cow…and kids can alter the season the song is played in!

I love apps that encourage kids to create. In Little Fox Music Box, children will find such a fun studio where they can record themselves singing and making music. And what music it is! The Fox Studio is an interactive music making wonderland. Kids will adore being able to explore all the ways of making music, from bottles to bongos to birds, and three different rhythm styles they can use as well. I love that it's almost impossible to make a noise that doesn't sound pleasant - someone very clever designed this app! Kids can also record themselves singing inside one of the tunes. Once the song is over, they can try their own version - karaoke mode will put the words up and give a backing track while kids sing. Woo Hoo! I love this emphasis on children participating with the songs.

So many apps provide opportunities for children to create content but few encourage singing and music. Little Fox Music Box does this brilliantly. My only (tiny)reservations are that the second song, Evening Song, was a bit too low in volume plus not as enjoyable to me as the other two songs which had child singers. And it would be such fun if there was an option to export a song. Can you imagine how great it would be if kids could send a song to Grandma or embed one on a class blog?

The developers advised the app's audience was kids 2-6. Judging by my own reaction (I laughed aloud at least twice!) I'm thinking kids 2-66. Or at least 2-8. I hope you'll consider adding this app to your youngster's gifts, or grab it for your classroom.

Fox and Sheep website

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  1. I agree the artwork looks amazing! thanks for pointing this one out :)
    -Resh @ Stackingbooks


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