Monday, January 13, 2014

Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Editors

Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Editors

by Susan Stephenson,

Ribbet: Ribbet is probably the online image editor I use the most. Because I've used it often, I know my way around, and it's quicker for me to edit an image there than it is to open software. I often use it to illustrate my posts here at The Book Chook. I resize, apply an effect, add a frame, make a collage, even start with a blank canvas and use Ribbet features to generate an image that sets off articles I have written. Ribbet is free right now, even for Premium content. I used Ribbet by habit to pop some fairy disparate images together, above, via the collage feature. Kids will enjoy discovering all the Ribbet features, especially the stickers.

Pizap: I talked about Pizap in Play with Words and Images at Pizap. One of the cool things about Pizap is that it has a huge range of features, and kids DON'T need a photo to start with. They can choose a background, and add their choice of stickers, effects and text to it to generate an image. Great for story prompts, class blogs where kids need to be sure of an image's source, or just for fun. It's free to use Pizap, and there is now a (currently) free Pizap App for iPad. I used Pizap to generate the monster in the city, and the wanted poster, above.

Pic Monkey: PicMonkey seems a very popular image editor for Bloggers, judging by what I observe on Pinterest. Lots of Bloggers use it to compile several images into one, and add a caption and their blog url. It has a very clean interface, reminding me of a WordPress "look". The PicMonkey blog has all sorts of tips too e.g. this post on PicMonkey tutorials: a quick skim here will give you more understanding of PicMonkey's features. PicMonkey is free for the basic version, but costs for the Premium version.

Tuxpi: Tuxpi is a big online image editor I told you about in Tuxpi - 42 Photo Effects and Picture Frames. Among its editing options is one called Photomontages, Fun & Art, where you can find things like a Wanted Poster, TV Newscast etc. Kids DO need to have an image somewhere on their computers to upload for these features. You can see my TV Newscast example above. In it, I had the option to add text and save the image to my computer. Tuxpi is free to use.

Fotor: Fotor is fairly new to me, but my familiarity with other image editors as well as its slick interface make it a breeze to use. I like its funky collage options - different from what else is out there at the moment. The clipart is generous. It also offers photo stitching in horizontal or vertical. It's free to use.

Picfont: If you want an image editor that simply and easily lets you add text to an image, give PicFont a try. It will also let you create a blank canvas to which you can add text and limited clipart. Free.

Iaza: Perhaps you remember my post, Visual Literacy - Play with Images at Iaza? I liked the options Iaza gave for kids to add more to their own photos in the form of enhancements, frames and text. Playing with image editors is a nice way for children to informally learn about aspects of visual literacy, but they always need online supervision. Well, Iaza seems to have morphed into ezimba, with the same/similar tools for converting an image. Simple to use, but some of the offerings may not be deemed suitable for children e.g. magazine covers targeting adults. Free.

You may also like to read Visual Literacy - Investigate and Play with Images, Online Poster Makers, and Producing Visual Content Online with Kids. Watch out for Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Makers next month. 


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