Friday, January 31, 2014

Children's Story App, My Sock Monster

Children's Story App, My Sock Monster
Reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

Where do all those socks go, the ones that disappear in the washing machine? Kids will have fun finding an answer in the story app, My Sock Monster.

From the developers:
Follow Sock Monster as he GOBBLES, MUNCHES and CHOMPS all the socks in the house. What will he do when there are none left? Help him find all the socks before he fades away forever! Sock Monster is a quirky storybook adventure with original hand-crafted artwork by exciting new author / illustrator Lorna Freytag. The story is for your wee monsters aged 5 and under (but we're sure you'll love it just as much!)
What I like: I enjoyed the whimsy built into the app. When sock monster eats a green striped sock, his fur turns green-stripey. He loves socks straight from the washing machine, and kids can help him push buttons on the machine. He doesn’t much like stinky socks - and children will chortle over the noise each stinky sock makes! There’s also a little spider and bumble-bee that appear and disappear. The storyline is simple, and that works well with just the right amount of interactivity. I very much appreciate that the app has no third-party ads or in-app purchases. Does anyone with kids really want these?

Am I greedy? Yes! It would be great if the app had the function where kids could also take a “photo” of the little sock monster, or put their faces into a sock monster template.

iTunes USA $4.99

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