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Children's Book Reviews, Rainforest Lullaby and Bushland Lullaby

Two Children's Book Reviews by Susan Stephenson,

I have long admired Sally Odgers as writer and poet. Today I’d like to share with you two of her recent children's picture books that would make both excellent gifts for children and acquisitions for a library:

Rainforest Lullaby

Published by Scholastic Australia in 2013, Rainforest Lullaby is a beautiful poem, a paean of praise for the creatures of the rainforest. Odgers' lyrical text makes perfect little word pictures for us to share with children. Lisa Stewart’s illustrations have soft, muted colours, and are very textural and evocative of the creatures they represent. The whole atmosphere is one of gentle delight as each little animal settles down to sleep.

A hollow log is cool and snug
Echidna’s full of ants and bugs
Dozing through the steamy hours
And heavy swish of tropic showers

Bushland Lullaby

Also published by Scholastic Australia in 2013, Bushland Lullaby makes a perfect companion for Rainforest Lullaby, although it stands alone as well. Within its pages you’ll find lovely rhyming and rhythmic text that brings the Australian landscape to life, whether it be coastal, snow-covered, desert or tropical. Skilfully Odgers captures the very essence of Australia's different native animals:

Hung like fruit in a tropical park
In bundles strangely plump and dark
When the sunset’s pink and the cricket zings
Little fruit bat’s wrapped in wings.

Again, Stewart’s illustrations are perfect for the text, with pastel backgrounds setting off the true-to-life yet beautifully artistic details.

My review copies are quality hard-back children’s picture books, RRP $Au24.99, but Bushland Lullaby is also available in paperback.

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