Friday, February 14, 2014

For the Love of Reading

For the Love of Reading
by Susan Stephenson,

February is a very special month for readers. If you love reading, like me, and want to share the love, read on:

International Book Giving Day is on February 14 each year. It’s a special day devoted to giving books to kids. You can read more about it in Let’s Celebrate International Book Giving Day. I have given some of my books ahead of time, and the joy in those little eyes lit up my heart. I’ve also donated some books to my local library and you know what that means? Yes, room for new books, chez chook!

Library Lovers Day is also February 14! This is a special day also very close to my heart, because libraries mean the world to me. I happen to believe that reading, and that learning are very cool. You can read why in Bookless Libraries and For the Love of Libraries. I applaud librarians. They are wonderful people, whether they be in school, local or other libraries. Their skills are greatly undervalued in most communities so I think they deserve an enormous shout out! Thank a librarian today if you can.

The power of reading, and the delight in sharing good books is something all avid readers know. Recently I found out about a campaign begun by an Australian business that hopes to foster more book sharing. How fitting that it takes place in February too! Bookworld is an Australian online retailer that sells books, both print and digital, music, DVDs etc. Recently they began a campaign asking Australians to nominate a school, community group or town that would benefit from a visit from the Bookworld Pop-Ups. The winning entry receives $1000 Bookworld voucher, and bookshelves are built in the winning location, filled with books, and the local community can browse the shelves and take home a book or two. Bookworld have donated 6, 245 books so far to Pop-Up bookshelves in Sydney and Melbourne bus shelters. You can read more about the campaign and nominate a Pop-Up-able community at Bookworld’s website. The nomination process goes from February 10 to February 25, 2014. Voting takes place February 27.

Celebrating and sharing a love of reading doesn’t need a special day or even a campaign. We can celebrate every single day, alone with a great book, or by reading aloud to our kids. But special days and campaigns give our love of reading a focus. They mean that media pay attention to what’s happening and why. They mean that people chat about it, write about it, do something about it. So if you love reading, and want to share it with others, I hope you’ll take some time today to follow up with the ideas above. And I’d love you to help me share my message here via Pinterest, G+, FB or any other way you like! Let’s reach out to everyone we meet today, whether online or in real-life -- for the love of reading!


  1. I love compilations of book events, and even better that these are book loooooove events :D

    Thanks for linking up to Literary Love 14!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Rebecca! This post just seemed like the right match for Literary Love!


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