Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Children's Book Review, How I Love You

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

On Monday, I suggested some books and ideas to support Mother’s Day, celebrated in many countries on the second Sunday in May. Here’s a delightful new children’s picture book to add to that list. How I Love You was created by author/illustrator Anna Pignataro and published by Scholastic Press (2014.) RRP: $16.99

From the publisher:

Little Red Dingo nuzzles Mummy's nose, Little Bilby tickles Mummy's ears with his whiskers, Little Sooty Owl nestles beneath Mummy's feathery wings... All the little animals have their own special ways of showing their love.

How I Love You would be an inspired choice for anyone who is looking for a children’s picture book gift for a baby shower, or for a little one who needs a gentle, calming and reassuring story for bedtime. I love the emphasis on ways mothers express love for their babies, the gorgeous Australian animal characters in muted pastel colours and the opportunities for littlies to copy the animals as they snuggle, nuzzle, nestle and cuddle with Mum.

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