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Children's iPad App, Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters

Children's iPad App, Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters
by Susan Stephenson, www/

Although I believe we do best to limit the amount of screen time young children have, I love to find apps that educate as well as entertain. Here's a cute puzzle app for pre-schoolers that challenges kids to find little aliens hidden in a scene.

From the developers: Features:

* Find the seven small cute aliens among the trees, toys, cars, and animals!

* 10 beautifully illustrated scenes: Deep Forest, Blue Lake, Country Road, Big City, Toy Shop, Evening Fields and Night Forest! Your child will explore all 10 scenes in each adventure;

* Intuitive and very easy to play game interface, you baby can play without your help at all!

* Hiding spots change every time you play, children will be entertained finding characters at new positions every time they play back;

* Every character make their own small speech for you once you find and tap on it...

What I liked: The art work appealed to me immediately. This is a gentle puzzle game for kids and the developers have taken care to make it colourful, attractive and fun. I loved the different alien speech made by each character once found - soft and "chipmunkish". I think preschoolers will love it, but also perhaps kids in the early years of school or special ed classes. I like the way the developers have taken care to make the puzzle a little challenging - the alien shapes and colours are repeated in the scene so kids must concentrate and look hard to find the real aliens.

Potential: The ten scenes make a great focus for vocabulary (naming) and discussion. Parents can discuss each scene with kids and why an alien chose a certain hiding place. This could lead to a game of real life hide and seek! It makes a nice app for older brothers and sisters to share with younger ones, asking them to find the aliens, and perhaps asking questions to help. They might decide to draw their own pictures as puzzles too.

If you're looking for a digital toy that will stimulate and entertain, check out Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters:

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