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Children’s Story App, The Three Little Pigs

Children’s Story App, The Three Little Pigs
reviewed by Susan Stephenson,

I admire Nosy Crow as a children’s book and app publisher, so I grabbed the opportunity to check out their version of The Three Little Pigs recently.

From the developers:


- Highly readable and age-appropriate text
- Sophisticated animations on every page
- Hundreds of funny, interactive surprises
- Original soundtrack: each character has his own musical identity
- Listen to the story narrated entirely by children, or choose to read it by yourself
- A different reading experience every time


- Flick the characters to make them jump, spin and speak
- Blow on the screen to help blow down the pigs' houses
- Help the pigs build each of their houses
- Tilt the screen to reveal more of the scene and find hidden characters
- Chase the pigs down the road in the wolf's van
- Drop the wolf down the chimney and celebrate with the pigs

What I like: There’s limited interactivity in this story app, and much of it adds more dialogue in speech bubbles for kids to read. This is a very cool way to involve kids in the reading experience and reinforce their understanding of the story. The customisation options are excellent: children can choose to have the story read aloud and include interactivity, choose to read the story themselves or have the story read to them. Voices are children’s British voices which to me adds more charm to the story. I like the way Nosy Crow show the word that’s being read in a different colour so that kids following with their eyes get that reinforcement to help their reading skills. Children will delight in blowing into the iPad microphone to blow the pigs’ houses down. Parents need have no fear that children will be traumatised by the tale: the mean old wolf gets badly burned on the bottom by the pot of boiling water rather than being stewed.

I’ve always found children love the rhyme of “chinny chin chin” with “blow your house in”, so I was a little taken aback when the story had “blow your house down” instead. I guess “down” is more accurate, but kids love to act out that taunting rhyme, so I’d definitely have preferred it in the story. Still, that’s a nitpick in what is overall a charming story app for children.

Nosy Crow have lots of other story apps as well as print books, and they come highly recommended, so do check them out if you don’t know them.

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