Friday, May 9, 2014

Writing Resource - Rip the Page

Writing Resource - Rip the Page
by Susan Stephenson,

Regular readers of The Book Chook will know that I love to find and create resources to share with young writers. Today I want to tell you about an exciting book for kids 8+ called Rip the Page! It was published by Roost Books (2010) and you can find ordering information on author, Karen Benke’s website.

Description from the website: Rip the Page! was written for the 8-10 year old in mind. It’s the book for kids and kids-at-heart who want to spark new poems and wild word sketches, then watch their writing woosh across the page An interactive book, it’s meant to be written in and, yes, even ripped.

In Rip the Page! Benke shares her own immense delight in word play and creative writing with her fellow-adventurers - young readers and the adults who want to nurture their skills. I loved the way the book is set out - no set route to follow, just a cornucopia of creative prompts to dip into. There’s zaniness, zeal and fun with alliteration, invitations to play with spoonerisms or spill out anger, challenges, dares, and definitions decoded. There are extracts to use as text models, advice from writers such as Lemony Snicket, and slipped in slyly, excellent advice on the craft of writing, on using strong words and taking risks. Above all, there is an emphasis on enjoyment as Benke speaks to kids in words they will understand - words that will motivate them to Rip the Page!

Although the book is written for kids 8-10, I believe it will be enjoyed by kids 8-12. It also makes an excellent resource for teachers or for the library. Today's young writers need all our support and encouragement, and Rip the Page! provides it in spades!

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