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Beautiful Books for Babies

Beautiful Books for Babies
by Susan Stephenson,

It's important for the very young to have books read to them, and to have books of their own to read, play with, and yes, chew. If you're looking for a book for a young child or baby, or you need a book about a baby, you've come to the right place.

How I Love You

From my review: "How I Love You would be an inspired choice for anyone who is looking for a children’s picture book gift for a baby shower, or for a little one who needs a gentle, calming and reassuring story for bedtime."

Let’s Go to Sleep

From my review: “Above all, Let's Go to Sleep makes a perfect choice for parents who want a read-aloud that will help youngsters settle down at bedtime. It's just delightful to read aloud, gentle, relaxing … I would write more …honestly … but … zzzzzzz”

The Swap

This is a book about a baby that older siblings will love. From my review:

“When a baby is born, little brothers and sisters are not always enthusiastic about the new arrival. Such is the case with Caroline Crocodile. Her baby brother is smelly, dribbles, is no fun and takes up all the room in Mum’s lap. So she decides to swap him for a new model. The Baby Shop assistant enters enthusiastically into the idea, and supplies her with different babies. Alas, those babies turn out to have their problems too!”

101 Things to do with Baby

Another Ormerod classic! Here's my review.

From the publisher: There are a hundred-and-one fun things to do when there's a baby around. This little girl discovers that even chores like washing and bathing turn into new games with her baby brother. But how delightful it is when he finally goes to sleep and she can have her parents to herself...

Good Night, Sleep Tight

From my review: “This children's picture book has all the ingredients needed to become a classic. It has a refrain kids will love to repeat: 'We love it, we love it!' said Bonnie and Ben. 'How does it go? Will you say it again?' It has loved rhymes children will delight in recognising and chanting. It has the most delightful illustrations. And it also has a wonderful male role model in Skinny Doug, a babysitter who knows exactly what children need to hear at bed time."

Baby Beats

From the publisher: Baby Beats is a good way to introduce young children to different types of noises, musical instruments and group play.

Let's play music, make a beat. Clap your hands and stamp your feet.

Not a book about babies or for babies, this one is more for when they’re toddlers. But it’s strong rhythms and possibilities for action make it a must-buy for young parents who want their kids to enjoy reading. My review.

I Kissed the Baby

From the publisher: Animals excitedly discuss seeing, tickling, singing with and feeding the baby. Mother Duck says she not only kissed the baby, she is about to do it again. And she does. Making the baby burst into a chorus of "Quackie! Quackie! Quackie!” My review.

Interrupting Chicken

This is a picture book about a baby chicken but it’s not one to get kids to fall asleep. Instead, it will have them laughing aloud at the antics of someone who knows all the tricks of interrupting bedtime stories and staying wide awake! It would make a great gift for a baby you just know is going to have a fine sense of humour. My review.

The Happy Baby Series

From the publisher: Sturdy board books with beautiful colour images, engaging questions and clear labels. A great series of books to share with your baby.

This is a series of board books published by Scholastic Australia that are FOR babies, and very cute they are too. There are a couple of very simple activities in each to encourage gentle interaction. RRP $4.99. Individual titles are:

Happy Baby: Bathtime 

Happy Baby: Bedtime 

Happy Baby: Mealtime 

Happy Baby: Playtime

Baby Bedtime

Another beautiful book for babies, by Mem Fox and Emma Quay. Anastasia Gonis’ review on Buzz Words.

Hello Baby! by Mem Fox. Recommended by TL Kerry Neary, here is Mary Ann Scheuer's review.

Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes is yet another wonderful Mem Fox book for babies. I wrote about it in Bedtime Goes Better with Books.

Kiss, Kiss, Good Night

Written by Kenn Nesbitt and illustrated by Rebecca Elliott, this Scholastic Inc children's picture book from 2013 has a puffy cover and wipe-cleanable pages. Text about little animals falling asleep is calculated to put babes into the same frame of mind. RRP $10.99.

I've reviewed many more beautiful books about and for babies that I recommend. Check out the reviews below:

(I know the title of this post implies print books for babies, but if you’re looking for a lovely story app designed to put little ones to sleep, read my review of Nott Won’t Sleep.)

If you're unsure about the kinds of books you should choose for babies, Jackie Small of My Little Bookcase has a run down in How to Choose Book Gifts for Babies.

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