Monday, June 16, 2014

Children’s iPad App, Imagination Box

Children’s iPad App, Imagination Box
by Susan Stephenson,

I love to find iPad apps or any digital toys that children can create with. Even a simple act like choosing colours, changing shapes, or setting up a background can exercise the creative side of kids’ brains. So I was keen to install Jump App’s Imagination Box and check it out.

From the developer:


- This application is appropriate for kids of all ages.
- This app has a kid-friendly design, and is easy to use.
- This app includes 62 pieces of play dough, including shapes, numbers, and uppercase letters in 9 different colors, for a total of 558 pieces, giving your child endless creative learning possibilities
- 12 colorful backgrounds available in the application. You can also add your own background image from the iPad camera roll
- 10 colorful markers, which can be used to decorate your pictures
- The pictures created are stored and displayed right in the application
- You can also save your masterpiece as an image to your device

What I liked: The app works well from the start. It’s responsive and reasonably intuitive. Colours are bright and varied, and elements customisable. Providing the alphabet letters is a great idea, encouraging kids to practise building words or even revising spelling. I loved the feature where kids can choose a photo for their background. The privacy policy is very child-friendly.

I was disappointed to see that although the app had the digits 0-9, there were no operation signs. Including them would have extended the app’s educational usefulness. However, creative children can certainly find a way around this by using the play dough shapes to invent their own signs. Lower case letters would have been great too.

Nothing can replace the important physical activity where children manipulate real play dough, mess or no mess. They acquire much-needed manual dexterity this way, and improve their fine motor skills. It’s also a wonderful way to sculpt, create and express themselves. However, if you’re looking for an app that gives kids SOME of the benefits of play dough, and one that encourages them to create their own scenes and words, check out Imagination Box.

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