Monday, July 28, 2014

Children’s iPad App, Curious Ruler

Children’s iPad App, Curious Ruler
by Susan Stephenson,

I’ve been impressed so far with Curious Hat’s apps, so I jumped at the chance to check out Curious Ruler, a measuring app.

From the developer:

With Curious Ruler, children can explore and measure objects around them and learn about sizes, units of measure, and proportions.

Simply pick a known reference object in Curious Ruler, place it side-by-side next to the object you want to measure and snap a photo.

Curious Ruler measures the object and compares their relative sizes.

The interaction is limitless, fun and educational.

What I like: Curious Ruler was free for a limited time, is currently $Au1.29 / $US$0.99. It’s also educational and encourages kids to engage mathematically with the world around them. Although Maths and I don’t much like each other, I know logically that it’s just as important for children to be numerate as it is for them to be literate. Okay, almost as important. Curious Ruler is a tool that allows us to measure, estimate and compare, in both imperial and metric units. The inbuilt objects provided for comparison range across different countries and cultures e.g. a soda can, a football, an Australian fifty cents, a Euro coin, an iPad Air.

To my mind, Curious Ruler has a fairly narrow range of applicability. However, what it does - offer a way of measuring and comparing the size different objects - it does well. It’s a snap to navigate between the different screens, the sliders move smoothly, and I like the way the app uses the iPad’s own camera app as part of the process.

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