Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding Great Australian Children’s Books

Finding Great Australian Children’s Books
by Susan Stephenson,

Here are some websites I use to find new and exciting Australian children’s books. Most are either book review blogs or publisher websites. They’re in the format of a Listly list, which I used in my post, April - June 2014 Children’s App Reviews and Articles at The Book Chook. Don’t forget you can share lists, interact with them by voting up etc, and also embed a list on your own blog, and be sure to click through to the second page. I’m sure I must have forgotten, or not know, some great places to find book suggestions for under 12s in Australia. Please do add them in comments. (I'm including publishers but not book stores.)


  1. Thank you Susan for including me. I don't really deserve to be there as I don't really review books or stick to Australian. My friend at Momo celebrating time to read does though and she doesn't stick to picture books and does do a lot of Australian reading.

    1. Ah yes, but you have lots that's useful to TLs and I do love the idea of celebrating special bookish days! And of course I should have added Momo - it's a wonderful resource. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Thanks Kinderbooks for mentioning me! I just review books that hit my shelves ... They might be old or new, Australian or from anywhere around the world. We are so lucky that we speak English! This gives us a huge range of books to share with children. Susan you are certainly right that Kinderbooks is an absolutely splendid resource.


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