Monday, August 11, 2014

Schoolyard Stories: Inspire, Create, Publish

Schoolyard Stories: Inspire, Create, Publish
by Sophia Stefanos

Asha and Claire from Quilpie State College

Imagine if kids were excited about literacy and learning. Imagine the pride they would feel by seeing their work published in a REAL book. Schoolyard Stories publishes books created by children and families. Our vision is to change the way teachers teach, students learn and volunteers raise funds. It’s all about inspiring pride and the love of reading and writing through publishing, and it’s so easy!

The publishing options on offer are vast:

Portfolios are ideal for recording personal achievements in a lasting and engaging format. Our unique teaching tool allows students to work online in their very own template and have their work printed in a professionally bound book at the end of each school year. Teachers have the ability to set tasks, check their students work and invite parents to view their child’s progress. When tasks are set, it is easy to reuse and modify them each year across the entire curriculum. Transitioning students into the next school year is also simplified as teachers are able to send students’ work portfolios to their colleagues for viewing and assessing. The cost for a 38 page portfolio is between $12 and $15 per student and can be decreased further through sponsorship. Parents will love and appreciate their beautifully organised keepsake of kids’ stories, projects, arts and crafts.

A compilation book is a great way to get your school community working towards a common goal. By inviting them to submit stories, poems, essays or recipes, with or without accompanying artwork, students, families, and staff come together through their active contribution towards a beautiful school publication. Themes can be incorporated into the curriculum or special events like fetes or school anniversaries. Compilation storybooks and cookbooks may be run as a meaningful, lucrative fundraising activity whereby students benefit from both the funds raised as well as the activity itself. The option of personalised covers makes each book special and boosts sales. Our website offers some great ideas such as themes, story starters and include the phrase to help spark your creativity. We also have great writing tips from wonderful Australian authors as well as useful downloads to help with writing, art and publishing. Books may cost as little as $5 each but prices vary depending on the number of pages, quantities, size and colour versus black and white.

Imagine a buddy activity where buddies create their own picture book! What if you asked senior students to use 100 magic words to create personal readers for younger grades? A multicultural cookbook tying into a fete or market night would be so easy for your parent committee to organise because everything is done online. With so many choices, the possibilities are endless, the results inspirational.

For more information on how to get your school involved go to or call Managing Director, Sophia Stefanos directly on 0418 653 253.

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