Friday, September 26, 2014

Let’s Celebrate International School Library Month!

Let’s Celebrate International School Library Month!
by Susan Stephenson,

Librarians are some of my favourite people, teacher librarians especially. In their honour, with International School Library Month beginning in October, today I want to celebrate with some quotes that seem to me to sum up our wonderful school libraries, and libraries everywhere.

I truly value the school library as both the vibrant heart and hub of a school, and very often a haven for those who need it. A multi-skilled teacher librarian is in the unique position of seeing the big picture, having an overview of much of the learning that takes place in a school, and yet knowing children as individuals with interests, needs and wants. She or he is also a curator, one who knows the school resources and can promote and facilitate access to them.

Librarians encourage kids to read, create, make, innovate, think, make decisions, connect, wonder, discover, delve into books and other sources of information and delight, evaluate, analyse, synthesise, and apply information, identify problems, reflect, become independent learners, communicate, collaborate, think critically and take action. Librarians are champions of literacy, of reading for pleasure, of programs that tie into children’s interests. And always, always, they are champions of children themselves.

How can we better support our school libraries and those who manage them? If you love school libraries, librarians and what they offer us, please help share the love by tweeting, G+ing, FBing and shouting from the rooftops about this post!

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