Friday, September 5, 2014

Ways Kids can Create Images with iPad

Ways Kids can Create Images with iPad
by Susan Stephenson,

I love what the iPad offers kids insofar as creating images is concerned. Even chooks with zero art skills enjoy being able to manipulate digital tools to produce a visual product. Providing our kids with ways to create digital images is useful educationally, from a creative and from an entertainment point of view.

The camera app built into the iPad is one of its most versatile and educational features. Children can use the iPad to snap a picture, edit it from the Camera Roll if they want, and share it within seconds. They can also use other apps to edit a photo. I told you about some I liked in Book Chook Favourites - Creative iPad Photo Apps, and you’ll find more in the embedded Listly list below.

Some images will simply be generated as part of the app’s creative process and saved to the Camera Roll, perhaps as a by-product of the app’s narrative or game. Sample articles I’ve written where you can see apps that do this are: Fun with Avatars (look for Tinka Maker), This Monster - Creatures that Love Color, I Got this Hat, The DAILY MONSTER Monster Maker and Imagination Box.

Other images may come from drawing. Apps like Draw Free, Art Set, Lazoo Squiggles (free) and Drawing Carl offer a range of tools for kids to draw and paint with.

Other images may came from children deliberately arranging elements to make a pleasing picture, for instance with a photo editor like Pizap or Painteresque, an app like Phonto that allows us to add text to a blank canvas or image, an app like Pop Art Me (free) where kids choose styles like Cubism or Impressionism to adapt an image, or an app like Cloudart, where kids can create word clouds, and manipulate fonts, colours and layouts.

And of course, kids can take a screen shot while they’re using an app by clicking the on/off switch and the home screen button at the same time. See examples of this in Moody Monster Manor and Zolo.

You’ll find these apps and more in the Listly List embedded below. You might also like to read Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Editors (Updated), Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Makers, or Fun and Easy Ways to Make Digital Art with Kids.

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