Friday, October 31, 2014

Create Presentations and Infographics with Visme

Create Presentations and Infographics with Visme
by Susan Stephenson,

I love finding new ways we can create images. Recently I discovered Visme, an online space that calls itself the Swiss Knife for creating engaging content. Right now, it’s focused on presentations, infographics and animations, with more to come. I think this site has the potential to be useful to teachers, bloggers and anyone interested in creating media for an audience. As a blogger, I am always looking for easy ways to illustrate my own articles. (I mentioned some of my favourites in Book Chook Favourites - Online Image Editors, and then updated that list in August.)

What I liked: the interface for presentations will be familiar to anyone who has used other well-known presentation software. You choose a slide and then add to it. There are a couple of free slides. There are lots of customisable widgets you can add (some free), plus video, audio and your own images.

Most of all I liked that there’s a blank canvas where you can create images from scratch. That became my starter project to try Visme out. Once you choose your dimensions, and a background from several colours and textures, you start work on your canvas. There are stacks of elements to choose from: shapes, lines arrows, infographics, entertainment, logos, people… You can add your own images to your canvas, or select from searchable free ones. The free image search results I got were not particularly well-targeted, however. It’s free to download your image as a jpg.

Generally, I found Visme quite straightforward to navigate. There’s good support already with a promise of more to come. I chose a wooden panel background, then added assorted elements and fonts.

The Basic Visme service is free. This entitles you to 3 projects/month. But your projects are supposed to be branded/watermarked. My image (above) wasn’t - perhaps it’s not classified as a project. There are some free templates to choose from under presentations; also some free templates in infographics. If you join up to their Standard service, you pay $4.50 per month for a year. The Visme Complete service is $14.25/month, again billed yearly. Both these premium services offer more storage and other benefits, as well as access to more templates. (I assume those prices are US dollars, no way of telling that I could see.)

Here’s a video to give you some idea of creating presentations with Visme.

As for me personally, I doubt I will pay for extra service with Visme. With only three free projects a month, it’s not likely I will use it on a regular basis to create images when Canva, Ribbet and PicMonkey already offer what I want. However, if I were going to create infographics on a regular basis, if I wanted to delve into their animations, or needed a web-based way of creating presentations, I would certainly look into it further.

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