Monday, November 24, 2014

Poster Maker, Pixteller

Poster Maker, Pixteller
by Susan Stephenson,

I love to fool around with images. I’ve written several articles about image editors, because I think they’re useful to both the adult readers of my blog, and their children/students. Early this year I brought you my favourite image editors and then updated that list in August. I’ve written about ways kids can investigate and play with images, and ways we can help kids produce visual content online. Recently I also talked about Ways Kids Can Create Images with iPad, and last month described Visme, an online space for creating presentations, infographics and animations.

As well as image editors, I like what the poster and quote makers offer. I have a few Online Poster Makers I like, and Favourite Picture Quote Makers.

Today I want to share a new (to me) way we can create images online. I found it via Ana Cristina Pratas’s comprehensive ScoopIt page, Digital Delights. It’s Pixteller, and I would describe it as a “poster maker” with something special.

There are two main tabs - themes and create. I am deliberately not writing that it’s for children as I believe you would need to supervise kids when using it. Some of the themes are not aimed at kids, although I didn’t find them offensive. The themes are there for you to download any poster yourself, or remix a poster by changing the words to make it your own.

You need to sign up to save your work and avoid watermarking, but can use without if you don’t mind watermarks. Once you sign up, you can make your posters private if you want.

The something special comes in the create tab. Here you can create with a blank/coloured canvas or your own image. You can add text with a variety of fonts. You can edit images with filters etc In my main image above, I uploaded a photo I’d taken of a bird nest outside my kitchen. I chose a font and added the text, Promise of Spring, changing the text colour to one I liked. I filtered the image, and added a tiny beetle icon.

So far it’s pretty standard - a poster maker with image editing. But the exciting part is the icons. There are 15 000+ of them you can use - aliens, animals, emoticons, kids, shapes, dingbats etc - all categorized, editable, and available to use in the image you create. I’ve made an image below with a sample of some Pixteller icons.

For teachers and librarians who want a place to create images, I think Pixteller is worth checking out. Certainly if you want to make a poster, give it a look. But its real value, to me, lies in the huge variety of icons available. For teachers and parents who are looking for free icons to use in creating lesson materials, Pixteller has a lot to offer. I'm adding it to my curated list of Image Resources to Help Educators. 

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