Friday, December 5, 2014

Creating with Kids and iPad Apps (December 2014 Update)

Creating with Kids and iPad Apps (December 2014 Update)
by Susan Stephenson,

If you’ve been reading me here at The Book Chook for any time at all, you may have picked up that I love finding ways for kids to create, particularly when creating involves story in some form. I get truly excited when I discover new iPad apps that encourage kids to create in some way - whether that be by telling a digital story, recording themselves making art, arranging elements to make a digital picture, creating a cartoon or a video, taking pictures with a camera, rearranging words and letters to make something new, making music, or … (even a chatty Book Chook runs out of puff occasionally.)

So I decided to gather into a list all the apps I’ve reviewed at The Book Chook that encourage kids to create in some way. I first did this in October this year. Today’s list is an update.

Most apps are for iPad; one is for Mac. I’ve also added articles about creative apps, like Creating Digital Stories with iPad,  Ways Kids Can Create Images with iPad (itself a List!), and Creative iPad Photo Apps. 

Again I’m using Listly to create my list. I love that it grabs a thumbnail to give you a visual of each list element. You can vote up any apps you like, and add comments too (moderation is on.) You can also embed this list on your own blog or website. Be aware that once you reach more than 25, there’s a second page of apps, navigable via an arrow bottom right.

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