Friday, January 23, 2015

A List of Useful Clipart for Education

A List of Useful Clipart for Education
by Susan Stephenson,

Most people with an interest in education need a couple of good sources of clipart. Whether to add to posters advertising a community function, enrich an activity destined for students, or help kids illustrate a communication destined for school, we love to find quality clipart. When it’s also free, and clearly labelled okay for educational use, we’re over the moon!

After being asked by several teachers where I find the clipart I use for The Book Chook, or the free PDFs I make and offer at my website, I decided to share my favourite sites. I’ve included graphic editors here because many have excellent clipart (also known as overlays or stamps.) Again, I’m making a Listly list so I can embed it below, and easily update it over time. If you like, you can check out all my other Listly lists here.

Do please let me know in comments if you recommend any other great clipart sites we can use for education. You can also vote for clipart sites, or suggest them within the Listly list.

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  1. This is exactly what I'm looking for. Great clip art for my younger daughter, thanks for sharing. You can also download free vector icons and images on Cannypic this is great images storage for blog or website.


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