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Children’s Book Review, Hurry Up Alfie

Children's Book Review

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Hurry Up Alfie was written and illustrated by Anna Walker, and published by Scholastic Press, 2014. RRP: $Au19.99.

From the publisher: 

Alfie’s in no hurry to get up ... until he finds out he’s going to the park!

But getting ready is hard when you have so many other things to do!

Parents will love this delightful children’s picture book. Anyone who’s tried to encourage an exuberant and independent-minded pre-schooler to get dressed and go somewhere will grin ruefully over Alfie’s antics. How often have we seen a child swinging from the door jamb and asked what he is doing, only to be answered cheerfully with “Nothing”?

I am already a big fan of Walker’s art work. She gives us so many interesting styles, patterns, colours, shapes and cameos to explore in this book. Her writing works seamlessly with her illustrations - for instance there’s a double page spread of cameos depicting some of Alfie’s distractions and under each is a snippet of his dialogue at the time. I’m not sure I’ve done this charming picture book justice, but trust me, it’s VERY funny. Kids will recognise Alfie’s delaying tactics instantly and laugh over his putting a paper bag over himself to search for his undies, or transforming into a zombie by means of wearing his pyjama pants on his head. (WARNING: This doesn't work; I tried it.)

Hurry Up Alfie is such a lot of fun. I read it to my preschoolers in Storytime at the Library. Their reaction? “Can you read it again?”

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