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Children’s Book Review, My Teacher is a Monster

Children's Book Review by Susan Stephenson,

Children's Book Review

Here’s a perfect children’s picture book to share with children who have been to school long enough to appreciate the joke. My Teacher is a Monster was written and illustrated by Peter Brown and published by Macmillan, 2014.

From the publisher:

Bobby has a problem at school. It's his teacher, Miss Kirby. She stomps, she roars, and she won't even let him throw paper aeroplanes in class . . . what a monster! One day the unthinkable happens when Bobby bumps into Miss Kirby outside school. However, he soon finds out there's more to her than meets the eye.

If we want our kids to love reading and books, I believe we should make sure to introduce them to many books full of fun and laughter. My Teacher is a Monster (No I am not!) delivers that in spades. It also doesn’t hurt when there’s a subtle underlying message that gives kids something to think about. We’ve all been afraid of monsters, kids included, but Bobby discovers that just because someone roars, stomps and forbids such harmless pursuits as aeroplane throwing, she need not be a monster.

Brown’s illustrations are attention-grabbing, delightful and ultra kid-friendly. Who can resist a chubby green-skinned monster with sharp fangs and flaring nostrils who’s crammed tightly into a respectable dress and black pumps, and sporting a perm and a panama? Bobby seems to have a hairstyle and expression that indicate permanent awe! There are double-page spreads, pages with lots of movement, and pages with little action that help us focus on the dialogue. These stylistic devices really contribute to the humour too.

If your Principal is looking for a good book to share with Kindergarten so he/she can get to know them, and they him/her, I recommend this one. There are lots of visual cues to help guide the read-aloud. These cues also make it a wonderful story for older kids to share with younger ones, or just when kids want an enjoyable read with superb illustrations.

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  1. This reminds me a bit of Miss Nelson is Missing, from when I was young.

    1. Sounds like another great book I should look for!


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