Friday, February 6, 2015

Children’s iPad App, EyePaint MyDIARY

Children’s iPad App, EyePaint MyDIARY
by Susan Stephenson,

EyePaint MyDIARY is an app by developer, Curious Hat. I’ve previously reviewed Curious Ruler by Curious Hat. Basically this app offers kids several templates. Once the child taps on an area in a template, the camera button appears and whatever texture, pattern or colour the child aims at, appears in that space once the button is clicked.

You can see my example, below:

From the developer:

-Paint with the camera capturing colors, patterns and textures around you
-Illustrations from Japanese artist Mitsue Haya
-Tap to select an area
-Continue where you left off or start a new painting session
-Save your work to the Photo Library for later sharing and printing
-Stuck? Wait for the hand to tell you what to do!
-No social sharing options

What I liked:

Using the iPad’s camera as an integral part of a creative experience makes such good sense. Just like EyePaint Monsters that I mentioned in Apps and Activities for Hallowe’en, this app encourages kids to explore their world, looking for different colours, patterns and textures to snap. These are then included as an integral part of the picture. It’s super simple to navigate too, making it accessible to quite young kids (say 4+).

I'll be adding EyePaint MyDIARY to my Creating with Kids and iPad Apps List, and my Ways Kids Can Create Images with iPad List.

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