Monday, February 9, 2015

Coming Soon, International Book Giving Day 2015!

Coming Soon, International Book Giving Day 2015!
by Susan Stephenson,

One of the simplest and most enjoyable special days will soon be here: International Book Giving Day is February 14, 2015. You might remember my recent article, Let’s Celebrate International Book Giving Day 2015? Today is a reminder to organise your books and kids for the upcoming event. I also want to share some great IBGD resources to help you celebrate.

How to organise? Decide on how you will give a book/books to kids. It’s that simple. In 2014, … books were left in hospitals, schools, trains, parks, playgrounds, free libraries were even set up especially for the day. Scholastic gifted new books to all the children at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital, Publishing House Host (Czech Republic) provided books for children at a traveller’s centre. (from the 2015 IGBD Press Release.) So you can see, whether you’re an individual or a business, the how and the where of giving is up to you.

My plan for IGBD 2015 is to both give books and write a love letter to my local library. I don’t mean I plan to haul a trailer load of old books out of my house! I’ve asked several librarians and they’ve suggested this plan to me instead: adopt an author at your library. Discuss what you’d like to do with library staff to get their okay, then arrange to buy new children’s books for your local library from your author of choice. For example, each time Ima Writer publishes a new book, you donate it to your library.

A different plan is giving a sum of money, and that also means the library can put our funds to best use. Libraries simply can’t just accept any books we bring in. There is only room on the shelves for a finite amount of material and much thought about what borrowers like to read goes into a book’s purchase.

If libraries have meant as much to you as they do to me, why not join me in writing a love letter explaining how much you appreciate your library? You can read my own letter in my earlier article. In the words of T S Eliot:
 “The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man.” 
I believe the hope and the joy that libraries bring are crucial to the survival of our civilisation. International Book Giving Day is an excellent time to remember that, and we can pay it forward by donating the way I outlined, above.

If you're a parent, International Book Giving Day is a wonderful reminder to encourage kids to think of others. They might like to slip an IBGD bookmark or two into the books you donate. If you’re a librarian or a teacher keen to enthuse your students about International Book Giving Day, check out all these wonderful resources:

IBGD 2015 Poster (pictured inside my image above)

If you’re looking for a special book gift for a child you know, browse my book reviews, found under the Reviews button in my right sidebar, or via my Pinterest review board.


  1. Appreciate the reminder and the helpful links. Can't think of a better day than Valentine's Day to share the book love.

    1. Exactly! It's so simple and achievable too.


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